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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We will use your feedback to improve our services even more and be better when you get to work with us the next time.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide you with regular carpet cleaning as well but we want you to know that we got your back covered whatever seems to be the situation and the nature of your carpet cleaning need.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

we are professional company that is always updated with latest solutions and advancements in the carpet cleaning field and the industry.

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Tips in making sure that your carpets live longer. Cleaning ideas and instructions for everyone to try

Want to read some smart stain removal methods? Care to find out how to keep the house carpet floors looking and smelling really good? All you have to do is to scroll down and read the related tips. Learn more about carpet cleaning solutions and the best odor removal ideas! Short and smart suggestions just for you.

Smart ways to clean Persian rugs! Find out how you can store and maintain them with these tips!

Always vacuum using a clean bag

One of the first things homeowners forget is to vacuum with a clean bag, dirt cup or filter. Vacuums can stop working completely when their filters aren't changed. And you should replace your vacuum bag when it's three-quarters full so there's still enough room for adequate air flow. Vacuum often, and remember that many carpet manufacturers require a professional cleaning to keep their warranties in effect. Call us today for any questions or advice about the proper care of your carpet, upholstery or tiles.

Refrain from placing carpets in the bathroom

As experts of Carpet Cleaning Walnut Creek would tell you, carpets do not get along with water and moisture. Their soft touch might feel good under your feet but it won't be healthy if there is hidden mold. Mildew inspection would be difficult, if you cannot check the back side of the carpet and soon the whole bathroom would be contaminated and carpet cleaning won't be enough.

Avoid placing carpets in the kitchen

Kitchens can become the dirtiest rooms in the house, if you cook often. Although, they can be cleaned easily, it won't be the same with carpet cleaning. You will have to deal with many stains, which would usually be from oil and other hard to clean foods. Dirty carpets would eventually create a contaminated area and kitchens ought to be spotless for the sake of your health.

Do not put heavy furniture over carpets

Carpet fibers suffer under the heavy load of heavy furniture. If you remove the furniture, you will see the signs. If you want to rearrange furniture and don't want to see these marks or want to restore your carpet, our carpet maintenance experts suggest using your steaming iron. Keep it above the fibers, especially if they are synthetic, so that they won't melt. Moisture will help you bring them in their initial position. Use your fingers or a spoon.

Bleach must not be used for removing mold from carpets

This compound will damage both the fibers and the dye. It does not matter whether it comes in liquid or spray form. Keep in mind that the traditional products for mold removal typically contain bleaching agents. You will probably not see a big red sign about this on the label so you will have to read it carefully.

Always vacuum first

Whenever you're treating furniture or carpet, it is always important to vacuum before wetting or scrubbing it. Although invisible to the naked eye, there are always tiny amounts of grit and small particles of abrasive soil that you can't see, and they can impact the results of even your best intentions. Our experts are pros at cleaning furniture, tiles and carpet. We have the tools and experience to make things right again with your belongings and always guarantee your 100% complete satisfaction whenever you give us a call.

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